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We offer a highly desirable and simple way to add value to your tenants and customers by providing them with the ability to refuel their vehicle in your car park, we save them time and money.

Chances are, your tenants are already keen to make use of HaloGo – why wouldn’t they?

  1. We will conduct an obligation free risk assessment on your property and agree when and where we can offer our service.
  2. If you are not the owner of the property, we will seek permission to offer the service.
  3. With permission granted - you and your colleagues / other tenants can download the app and book in to get your tanks filled!

HaloGo is committed to the convenient, regulatory compliant and, most importantly, safe distribution of fuel to consumers. We do this in a way that works proactively, openly and transparently with all regulatory bodies and car park landlords / owners.

How it works

The entire process is managed through the HaloGo app. This means building owners and landlords do not need to get involved in the transaction or service delivery process. Customers can be assured that their account and billing information is managed with the highest security and privacy.

We accept most credit / debit cards including Amex and Caltex StarCard.

Customers can contact HaloGo at anytime through the app, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

The delivery service is fast, safe and efficient.


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We fill your tank

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