About the founders

Brigid Shute, HaloGo’s CEO and Co-Founder, is an unlikely petrol head. The mum of three, who has a strong background in Marketing and Commercial Strategy, decided to launch the business after a weekend in Byron Bay where she was dreaming of a better way to do things! She discovered the concept operating in the US and immediately thought how well it would work in Australia. The opportunity to create a new way for Australians to fill up was irresistible to the young innovator, given the challenges that people, particularly young families, faced when filling up the family car. So began the birth of HaloGo, which has seen the busy business woman spend the last three years working with Caltex Australia and regulatory bodies in around Australia to realise her dream of fuel anywhere, anytime.

HaloGo’s head of Strategy and Innovation and co-founder Rob Porcaro, the Managing Director of Hybrid, a business and brand transformation agency, is no stranger to innovation. With a strong background in technology, Rob was the perfect business partner to help Brigid develop and drive HaloGo. His team combines a blend of business and marketing strategy to help Australian businesses deliver unique, relevant and consistent engagement; leading to a boost in growth. The dad of three (and grandad of 3!) is particularly passionate about supporting Australian start-ups.

Vision and mission

Our vision

Giving people back their time so that they can enjoy more of what really matters in their lives by removing unrewarding, but necessary tasks that get in their way.

Our mission

To deliver on our vision via a single platform and consumer application that’s designed to make life easy.



Together with Caltex, we’ve developed this amazing service. Caltex are a big believer in supporting Australian innovation and have been by our side from the very beginning. We are proud to bring high quality fuel to our customers through our exclusive distribution of Caltex Vortex Premium fuels.

We offer:

Vortex Premium 98 Unleaded

Contains a technologically advanced additive package, formulated to keep engines clean and perform at their best. Vortex Premium 98 has 25% more cleaning agent, friction reducer and rust inhibitor than Vortex Premium 95. It is suitable for use in all vehicles designed to run on unleaded petrol.

Vortex Premium 95 Unleaded

With its advanced additive formulation, Vortex 95 cleans and protects your engine as you drive, helping it to perform at its best. It is suitable for use in all vehicles designed to run on unleaded petrol.

Vortex Premium Diesel

Vortex Premium Diesel is a high performance diesel designed to meet increasing demands of new diesel engines. Its unique, advanced formulation keeps hard-working engines healthier for longer. In addition to its powerful cleaning agent and rust inhibitor, Vortex Premium Diesel also features a specially added foam inhibitor to provide a cleaner and faster fill.

Our team

Our crew love their job and we have a lot of fun doing it. Safety is our number one priority. That’s why everyone who works for us goes through the following training. This includes:

  • Hazmat training
  • Our crew have their Dangerous Goods Drivers License
  • They wear full body length hi-visibility uniforms that are anti-static and flame resistant. They also wear safety eye-wear, anti-static footwear and fuel resistant gloves.

We are continually looking for new crewmembers as we grow. If you are interested in joining our team you can look here The current jobs that we are recruiting for.

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