Fuel fraud can account for 10%–20% of a company’s fuel spend

There are three forms of fuel fraud:

  • Misuse: This is when employees use company resources for personal gain, such as fuelling a personal vehicle or lling a friend or family member’s vehicle

  • Slippage: This is when an employee uses company dollars to purchase non-fuel items, such as food and drinks, but falsely reports it as a legitimate fuel purchase

  • Fraud: This is perpetrated by a third-party and can include stolen and skimmed card data, which has been on the increase for many fleets in recent years

How we avoid fuel fraud:

  • Our trained HaloGo service ambassadors match the booking with the registration plate and the approved payment method, so no additional purchases or unapproved vehicles / containers

  • No physical cards or cash is exchanged, as all transactions happen through our secure management portal and app, in real time

  • As a fleet manager, you can see the status of each transaction at every stage

In our experience, it’s not a question of – is fuel fraud is being committed within a business? – but, for how long? The thing is, we can put a halt to it tomorrow.

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