Easy to see the benefits, even easier to use

At a time when most businesses and organisations are looking at quick ways to cut costs and trim – we offer some low-hanging savings.

As a business owner or a fleet manager you’ve nothing to lose.

Simple to set up and manage

  • Our entire service is managed via the HaloGo smartphone app – iOS or Android
  • Bookings can be made with minimal notice or up to 14 days in advance and even set to recurring for greater convenience

Once you have created your secure account, use the app to:

  • Schedule bookings and make bookings
  • Track a delivery
  • Track fuel expenditure and usage in real time via the dedicated fleet/business portal
  • Add a vehicle
  • We offer a range of flexible, secure payment options via debit card, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Caltex StarCard
  • Once a vehicle has been associated to a business employee, that employee can book HaloGo to fill their business vehicle directly within the app, with charges going back to the company (either via monthly invoice, or credit card)
  • It also allows customers to separate their business account from their personal account
  • You can be assured that your billing information and account details are managed with the highest security and privacy
  • The app retains the history so it’s easy when it comes to expense reporting

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