Did you know, germs from peoples’ hands can transfer 7 times before leaving the skin? We provide contactless fuelling by removing contact with ‘high-touch’ service station fuel pumps and touching point-of-sale PIN pads.

Save on fuel costs and prevent the risk of virus spread

As the past few months have taught us, one of the biggest potential threats to any business or organisation is out of anyone’s control.

The impact of a virus and the effects of a global pandemic. All of us, in business and the public, have to face this new potential threat.

Currently, there isn’t a total safeguard solution, but there are things that can be done to mitigate risk in the workplace. However, the high risk of spread each time we fuel our vehicles may have been missed. And this is just one more benefits to using the services of HaloGo.

Not only can we reduce your fuel costs, we can reduce the risk of infection.

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