Fleets and businesses

Using HaloGo means business and fleet managers have one less huge headache to deal with. We offer on site refuelling for company cars and those vehicles owned privately by employees. We also offer flexible payment options and a dedicated fleet/business portal to manage reporting.

  • Removing the task of filling a car up with a fuel can save between $10 - $15 in lost time and productivity for a company
  • Offering the service to staff while they are at work removes a task that they have to fit into their day thus reducing one less worry for them and can actually be packaged up as an employee benefit
  • Vehicles can be filled at a time that suits your business - inside or outside of work hours
  • HaloGo‚Äôs fleet and business management portal allows you to track fuel expenditure and usage in real time.
  • We help you cut down on your carbon footprint. When we bring one truck to your workplace, it can stop multiple vehicles driving to and from a service station and that is much better for the planet!
  • Businesses can reduce the service fee based on the number of cars that they have filled and can also set up for a regular delivery schedule!
  • HaloGo also offers fleets and businesses flexible payment options including major credit cards, StarCard and for approved customers there is an invoicing option.

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