What we do

HaloGo delivers fuel to your car so you can keep life moving.

We all lead busy lives today and are forever juggling between mandatory tasks, like refuelling our car and getting on with the important things in our lives. HaloGo can deliver fuel straight to your car while you work, or you can choose to fill up at a petrol station if that’s more convenient at the time, so whatever works, now you have the choice.

When it comes to business, most organisations easily comprehend that if staff are not having to take time out to fill vehicles when on the road, it leads to substantial productivity improvements and cost savings. We help them do that too.

And arguably the busiest people of all – parents with young kids. Well, we can’t really help with the kids – but we can certainly fill your tank so you don’t have to!

All you have to do is download our app, make a booking and get on with your day.

How to get started with HaloGo


The HaloGo app


The fuel you need


We fill your tank

Let us help you

Fleets and businesses

Using HaloGo means business and fleet managers have one less huge headache to deal with. We offer on site refuelling for company cars and those vehicles owned privately by employees. We also offer flexible payment options and a dedicated fleet/business portal to manage reporting.

Individuals (Coming soon)

Our mission is to bring convenience right to your door step! In early 2021 we will be rolling out our on demand residential service so you can get the convenience of fuel right to your door step.

Hand holding a phone running the HaloGo app
HaloGo truck

How we do it

We bring the pump to you

Using proprietary technology, developed by the HaloGo team, we’ve created an easier way to fill your vehicle. We bring the service station pump to your car and while you are getting on with your day, our crew get to work and fill your tank to full!

All you have to do is download the app, make a booking and tell us where you are parked. Then pop your fuel tank door to access your fuel cap and leave it slightly ajar. Let us do the rest!

Australia’s number one fuel brand

We exclusively distribute Caltex Vortex Premium Fuels. We carry three grades and our prices are competitive with local area pricing.

Vortex 95 logo
Vortex 98 logo
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Safety is our number one priority. HaloGo has worked with Australia's regulatory bodies, fire risk & safety specialists and car park OH&S experts to develop an operational system and process that complies with Australia’s regulatory framework.

Where we do it

Getting Melbourne HaloGo-ing

Initially, HaloGo will deliver to corporate workplaces in the Greater Melbourne area; however we do have plans to expand this service, quickly! If you are in Melbourne city and park your car at Secure Car Park at 522 Flinders Lane you can also have your car filled while you are at work.

Would you like to have HaloGo deliver fuel to your workplace?

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